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A revolutionary new system has appeared at the forefront of the drilling industry – the WINK Vibracore Portable Drill. Small, lightweight and simple to operate, the Vibracorer is built with technology that leaves conventional drilling methods behind. The result of this innovative design is a finely tuned machine capable of drilling up to five feet in 60 seconds and penetrating a variety of unconsolidated materials to record depths. And most important, the Vibracorer allows you to collect undisturbed, truly representative core samples at every job.

Originally introduced by inventor Fred Wink in 1981, the Vibracorer quickly gained a reputation for high performance in locations where other drills fail. With over 50 years of experience in the drilling industry, Wink perfected his unique sampling system by traveling throughout the world testing and improving the Vibracorer for use in a wide variety of field conditions and geologic formations. Whether your task is to obtain accurate samples quickly and cost-effectively onshore or off, in -40 F or +100 F temperatures.

A New Concept in Engineering
The Key to the WINK Vibracore Drill is simple – the principle of vibration. The Vibracore drill head, is powered by a 6.5 h.p. Honda engine, generates 7,000 to 12,000 acoustic vibrations per minute and transfers them to the drill string. This action, aided by the weight of the equipment itself, mobilizes only the particles coming into direct contact with the drill rods, instead of churning the sample like conventional drilling methods do. And because the Vibracorer works by vibration, not by rotation or percussion, there is no need for drilling fluids, which contaminate the sample or hinder operation in severe cold weather.

Accurate Samples Every Time
The vibration frequency of the Vibracorer is adjustable, allowing the operator to tune into the natural frequency of the strata being sampled, control the rate of penetration and collect consistent, intact samples. Working with the precision of a surgical blade, the drill requires no casing in onshore or offshore operation. A continuous soil or sediment sample is fed into a core barrel for later retrieval and laboratory analysis.
Conventional soil classification tests, EPA toxicity tests and bio-assay analyses all can be conducted from samples retained in clear plastic or stainless steel liners.

Easy to Transport, Easy to Operate
One of the Vibracorer’s most impressive features is its portability. The drilling power is packed into a snug package, which includes the 37 pound drill head, 61 pound Honda driven power plant, 25 lb flexible drive cable, hoisting and pull-down system, and drive shoe and core retaining spring. The entire system is easily carried by two people, making it ideal for remote sites and deployment over water and in tight quarters. Save access costs as this drill can be carried by light truck, quad or helicopter

Once at the site, the Vibracorer and its accessories are simple to operate, with a minimum of previous training required.

Accessories for Even More Versatility
WINK Vibracore also offers carefully designed accessories to streamline the sampling process. The Vibracorer side ejector, for example, allows selective sampling. This attachment can be mounted at any point along the drill string, and makes it possible to eject unwanted material from the drill string until the desired depth or stratum has been reached.
Also available for use with the Vibracorer are variable length retainers for core liners. When samples have been obtained in the transparent plastic or stainless steel liners, these may be capped, then transferred to core boxes to ensure safe and easy handling and prevent cross contamination while you’re in the field.

A Wide Range of Applications
The growing number of applications for the Vibracore drill system is testament to its versatile and efficient design. In hazardous waste investigations, geotechnical analyses, studies for environmental purposes, mining and countless other uses, the Vibracorer consistently produces reliable soil and sediment samples and stands up against the most adverse conditions. Review the following applications for just an idea of how many different ways the Vibracorer can work for you:

Sediment Sampling
• Investigation of Lake, River, Stream, Delta and Estuary Sediments
• Tailings Ponds Investigations
• Sludge Pond Sampling
• Dredging

Soil Sampling and Well Installation
• Dewatering
• Monitoring Well and Instrumentation Installations
• Soil Sampling of Waste from Chemical Processors
• Underground Storage Tank Investigations
• Landfill Studies
• Heap Leach Pad Investigations
• Geochemical and Bio-Assay Soil

• Tailings Dam Investigations
• Sampling of Placer Materials
• Delineation of Beach Sands
• Geologic Dating of Soil Formations
• Foundation Investigations for Structural Design

…And the list continues. Find out what makes the WINK Vibracore Drill the most efficient, versatile sampling system available and order yours today.